Your indicator lights are one of the most important tools you'll have over the course of your travels. Crouse Ford, your Ford dealership in Maryland, wants to make sure that our customers know the importance of these lights and what they mean. They will provide critical insight into how the various systems in your Ford model are performing, such as when specific features are engaged or when a certain system is experiencing problems. You should know what these lights mean and how you can address issues when they come up. The staff at Crouse Ford, your Ford dealer in MD, can help you with this so you can keep your Ford model operating at peak performance.

When you notice that this light is illuminated, then you should get your Anti-lock Brake computer examined. Schedule an appointment with the service department at Crouse Ford, your Ford dealership in Maryland, and get those brakes back to factory-new.

Whenever your battery's voltage is low, then this light will engage. This could mean that your battery isn't charging how it should, or it could mean that your battery's terminals are experiencing issues. If you can't seem to figure out the problem at first glance, then our service center will be happy to help out.

This light will be on if you are using your parking brake while your vehicle is running. If you notice this light is on, then you should double check that your parking brake isn't being used. If the parking brake isn't engaged, then it might be an issue with your brake fluid or some other brake problem that needs to be addressed.

If your Ford model is overheating, then you will see this warning indicator. This issue could lead to a variety of problems and is more than likely due to your coolant being below the recommended level. This signal could also mean that your radiator or engine fan is experiencing a problem.

This light will populate your dash area whenever you are out of oil. Not having enough oil will lead to intense problems with your engine. If you see this light, you should pull over right away and get your oil refilled. Make sure that you are bringing your Ford into Crouse Ford, your Ford dealer in MD, for regular oil and filter changes so you won't have to worry about this happening.

If your vehicle senses that one of your tires doesn't have enough air, then this light will appear. If this occurs, then you should pull over and check your tires out for yourself to see if there is a hole in them or just an issue with changing temperatures that can be solved at your nearest air pump.

These indicators are some of the most important lights found in the dash of your Ford vehicle. If you notice any of these lights, then bring your vehicle into the service department at Course Ford, your Ford dealership in Maryland, so we can get that problem fixed and have you back on the road with complete peace of mind.


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