Thinking about a collision is certainly never pleasant, but it is always prudent to be prepared. There are more than 26,000 car accidents a day, according to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), so driving safety is of  utmost importance. You undoubtedly exert quite a bit of effort into selecting your Ford model, and therefore will want to maintain its overall health and appearance. The best way to accomplish this is to understand your vehicle insurance and always to source Genuine Ford parts. Genuine Ford parts are engineered specifically for Ford vehicles, and are manufactured to strict specifications. These parts have undergone extensive testing, and are built to help maximize the performance of your Ford. In an effort to help you make a possibly stressful situation much less so, your local Ford dealership in Maryland has a simple guideline to assist in the process:

How To Be Prepared Should A Collision Occur

  1. After reading this collision guide, we recommend printing a copy and placing it in your glove box.

  2. Review your insurance policy, and if genuine Ford parts are not covered, speak with your insurance agent about adding such coverage.

  3. Always keep the contact information of both your insurance agent and your local Ford dealer in MD in your glove box and programmed into your cell phone.

  4. Be proactive and take additional precautions when the seasons change, or during inclement weather.


What To Do In The Event You Are Involved In An Accident

  1. Verify the condition of all persons involved and call 911.

  2. Retrieve your collision guide from your glove box and collect pertinent information.

  3. If your vehicle is not drivable, call for a tow truck.

  4. Reach out to our expert Ford collision service department. Remember that you do not have to go to the collision center recommended by your insurance carrier. It is always best to take your Ford model to the team that knows your vehicle well.

  5. Always review your service and repair estimates and make certain that original, genuine Ford parts are included.

  6. Do not sign the estimate until you are entirely comfortable in your understanding of the repair plan, and the associated costs.

  7. Always remember, use genuine Ford parts so that your beloved Ford model will be there for you for years to come.


Your local Ford dealership recognizes that vehicular accidents are sometimes a part of life, and we are here to make those inconveniences much more hassle-free. When you choose genuine Ford parts and high-quality professional Ford service, you will have the peace of mind that you deserve. By relying on these high-quality, genuine OEM parts that were designed to adhere to Ford specifications, you will be able to drive in confidence, knowing that your Ford model will serve you well for years to come. Everyone at Crouse Ford wishes you safe travels and wants you to know that in the unfortunate event of an accident, we are here to provide you with Genuine Ford parts, and top-of-the-line service. 


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