Fuel economy is often at the forefront of discussions anytime you are shopping for your next vehicle. Whether you are in the market for a Ford car, truck, crossover, or SUV model, getting the most out of a fill-up is always a satisfying experience, but the process requires a close eye upon a handful of key factors related to both the condition of your vehicle as well as your driving habits. Here at your local Ford dealership in Westminster, Maryland, our professionals want you to become keenly aware of these conditions if you are looking to improve your fuel economy, and we have compiled a helpful list to get you started!

  • Replace Air Filter: The combustion of oxygen and gasoline is what propels your car forward, and the air filter aids in removing dust and debris from the oxygen. A clogged, worn, or dirty air filter restricts airflow to the intake of your vehicle, necessitating more fuel for the concoction to fully function. Change your air filter as prescribed by your local Ford service department to avoid this common pratfall.

  • Monitor Tire Pressure: Tire inflation PSI is outlined by the manufacturer of your vehicle, often in the driver's side door jamb or the operator's manual. Underinflated tires can make the engine push harder to move your vehicle, while overinflated tires can cause traction issues.

  • Install New Spark Plugs: The ignition of the spark plugs causes the gasoline/oxygen combustion, which in turn lifts and times the valves and cylinders of your vehicle. Aging spark plugs are a gateway to your engine misfiring, leading to drops in both fuel economy and overall performance.

  • Avoid Warming Up Your Engine: When possible, it's best to get moving within a minute or two after firing up the ignition. Sitting in idle needlessly consumes gasoline, and most well-maintained vehicles will warm themselves up by being on the move.

  • Avoid Carrying Random Items In Your Trunk or Bed: The less junk you're hauling around, the better your fuel economy. Any added weight means the vehicle has to haul it all the same, so keep your vehicle free of unnecessary weight whenever possible.

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If your vehicle is suffering from fuel-related maladies and you want to stretch out the miles, then the experts at your local Westminster, Maryland Ford service department recommends you make an appointment to rectify the issues. You can call our service department at (410) 756-6655 to schedule an appointment, or simply fill out the form below to get started. We hope to see you soon at Crouse Ford!


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