The Ford Motor Company has emerged from the month of April after selling a total of 214,695 vehicles. According to, this number, which includes 140,762 retail sales, consists primarily of pickup truck and SUV sales. Over 70,000 Ford F-Series pickup trucks, and over 67,000 Ford SUVs were sold. 73,933 Ford Fleet vehicles were also sold.

For SUVs, the Ford Escape recorded a seven percent increase with 25,637 vehicles sold, the Ford Expedition saw a 13 percent increase with over 5,000 vehicles sold, and the Ford Edge recorded a six percent increase after selling over 12,000 vehicles. This was a record month for SUVs, and Ford hopes to continue the momentum to through the release of the 2018 Expedition this fall.

As for the Ford F-Series sales, close to 70 percent of the F-150s sold had an EcoBoost engine, and demand for Super Duty models remained strongly towards the higher trims and the new Diesel transmission.

Since we at Crouse Ford work with these vehicles every day and understand how strong and reliable they really are, we are not surprised more and more people are continuing to choose a Ford Truck or SUV, but if you would like to know why, come by the dealership for a test drive and experience all of the reasons for yourself. For more information on any of the vehicles in our inventory, feel free to contact us here on our website.

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